Mass Schedule



Mass List -May 28th to June 4th, 2017


Sunday, May 28th, 2017 (10:45 a.m.) –Ascension of the Lord


  • Rose Zachary (2nd anniv,) by son Barry
  • Ellen Pine by volunteers Kateri Gift Shop
  • Stanley Deer (17th anniv.) Evelyn Deer ( 1st anniv.) by Kateri
  • Maria Wan by Albert Leung

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 (5 p.m.) – Ferial

  • Michal Pawluk by Mom
  • Joseph Diabo by Lois and Muriel


Wednesday, May 31st, 2017 (5 p.m.) – Ferial

Deceased Members of the Kateri Guild

  • Ryszard Szlaunda by Mom


Sunday, June 4th, 2017 (10:45 a.m.) –Pentecost Sunday


  • Albany and Skye families by June
  • Wendell Williams by Gayla Ouimet
  • Ena Gonzolez by Christine Zachary Deom
  • Audrey, Norma and Carole Taylor by Daughters of Isabella
  • Special Intention by Ma
  • Frank Casey Nolan (5th anniv.) by his wife Dolores


THE SANCTUARY LAMP will burn for the week of May 28th for Baby Tirah Rice by family


Father’s Commentary

Today, we celebrate Ascension Sunday. This is the Feast of Jesus returning to the Father in Heaven. He returns to his previous place of glory with Father; a place he occupied before he descended unto earth to save humanity and the world. His moment of glorification had arrived. Jesus exclaimed, “Now Father, glorify me with that glory I had with you before ever the world existed.” Jesus came to prepare the world and to reconcile it back to the Father. The fall of Adam and Eve had broken this harmony between the heavenly Father and the world. He fully accomplished this mission, by establishing the now unbreakable Covenant of his death and resurrection upon the cross. He succeeded in restoring the creation and the world back to its original purpose. Another aspect of his victory over evil is that he left his followers to continue the task of work of salvation. The Roman Catholic Church must continue to proclaim this good news of salvation established by Christ.