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  • 06 Dec

    Church Vault Yields Historic Treasure

    After 60 years, The “Seven Last Words” performed by the legendary Iroquois Mixed Choir in 1955 has been re-mastered for release on Compact Disk.

    The recording of “The Seven Last Words” by the legendary 1927 Iroquois Mixed Choir have been remastered for release on CD; making its way out of the St. Francis Xavier Mission vault after 60 years.

    The Iroquois Mixed Choir was officially founded in 1927 by Father Conrad M. Hauser, S.J.  however it was under the direction of Father Alfred Bernier, S.J. Doctor in Sacred Music that the choir developed.

    The Choir’s public engagements began in 1939.  The first official engagement made history in Montreal with the singing in the Iroquois Language at the High Mass in the Church of the Gésu.  The event was reported by the Montreal Star, “The Iroquois Choir of the church of Caughnawaga has long enjoyed a good reputation for it’s singing, and on Wednesday evening (December 9th, 1942), for the first time, it was heard in a concert in Montreal, at the Salle du Gésu”.

    “The Seven Last Words”, spoken by Jesus during his last hours on the cross, is one part of a complete music library that contains hundreds of different hymns, motets and masses.  “We chose this music to remaster into a CD as it represents the beautiful voices of all the original choir members and we wanted to share this with their families, all Kahnawakeron:non and the world” says Kaia’titáhkhe Jacobs.

    This Iroquois Mixed Choir treasure will be played for the 1st time since it original recording during an Exhibition to be held on Sunday, December 6, 2015 at the St. Francis Xavier Mission at 2:00 pm.   Original Hymn notes, photos and other memorabilia will be on display.  Copies of the CD will be available to purchase.

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